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My Musical Offerings

I have operated a small sound and lighting production company for many years. For the last several years I have had a CD burner in my rack and have recorded many shows direct from my mixing console to CD. Before that I recorded to cassette tape.

The music that I have placed on this site comes from those recordings. I do minimal post processing to the recordings. Mostly I cut out the stage chatter and blank spaces between the songs. I often apply a bit of boost to the low end because I tend to run a warm pa so the recordings are a bit lite on the low end.

Sometimes I remember to put in track markers on the CDs while recording and sometimes I don't. Part of my processing is to break the songs into individual files. I then convert them to MP3 format to use in the player.

The music that I have placed on the site is here with the permission of the artists who performed the music. I do have a good bit more material that I have recorded. I had done the post processing on much of this material and then had a computer glitch. I do have the original CDs for that material and may get around to ripping and processing them again.

I would also like to host original music for bands. If you have recorded material that you would like to put online please contact me at:

Thanks, and enjoy the music!

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