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Live music has been an important part of my life for many years. I work in the production end of the business. I am not a musician, I am a sound engineer.

For many years I have had a CD recorder in my house rack. I have recorded much of the music that has past through my system. Most of these recordings went directly to the musicians that performed, but a few went into my private stock and some I made a duplicate copy for my files.

A few of these I have processed in a simple audio editor, Audacity, primarily to remove the stage chatter between songs. I offer these recordings with the permission of the performers on this site.

I also hope to offer a broad range of indie music and have offered to put up players for others.

About the Music Player

The player that I found for use on this site and a few others comes from Dullgrey Studios and is called Dullgrey Tunage. I have it set up as a streaming player, although there is a switch to allow downloads if one chooses.

The music that I offer on this site is all Live Recordings recorded directly from my mixing console to a CD Burner. There is very minimal post processing applied to this music. I have the authorization of the artists that performed the music to offer the music to you here.

I have just learned the method to open the player when the page loads. It may be that you will need to allow pop-ups for this site for the feature to work. The player opens in a pop-up window. FireFox complained until I told it that it was OK to allow pop-ups for this site.

Having the player open in a small pop-up window is actually a nice feature. You can minimize the player to the task bar and continue listening even after you leave the site. I do use the player as an embedded player in some other places.

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