Upcoming Events in Pattaya

If you wish to get to know the true Pattaya and Thai tradition, you should always consider attending one of the upcoming events in Pattaya. After all, Pattaya celebrates all the traditional feasts and festivals of Thailand, but as expected, you can also find some variations of the traditional events, as well as some unique local festivals.

If you find yourself in spring there, the most known of the events in Pattaya is the New Year of Thailand. The Wai Lan festival of the Thai New Year is celebrated on April 19th with dousing each other with water. Increasingly more people participate in this event which is quite impressive.

Following the New year celebration in Pattaya, you can see the Pattaya festival which is specifically designed to attract tourists. During this festival you can see some side events taking place, such as the beauty contest for Miss Pattaya and other activities that include water sports and competitions such as sand castle creating and building. There are also numerous cultural events and performances during this time, with the whole thing culminating with a very spectacular show with fireworks on the beach, which is one of the most anticipated upcoming events in Pattaya.

One of the most famous upcoming events in Pattaya in late spring is the music festival of Pattaya, where everyone gathers on the beach to enjoy live music events and dance on the white sand. You will see people of all ages there dancing all night long. Pattaya music festival is held in the evenings of late march or april, and everyone is invited, including locals and tourists.

The Pattaya marathon is usually held in summer, often in early July. The marathon in this city is not for the light hearted because it’s all about running on hill terrains and plains, making it non suitable for the inexperienced ones. Participants need to run along the lovely beaches of Pattaya, and of course this adds to the overall excitement. Except for the full marathon there is also the quarter and half marathon events as well. Organizers encourage the participation of both locals and tourists, including professional runners.

The Birthday of the Queen on August 12th is one of the most celebrated days in Thailand and Pattaya as well. Queen Sirikit is much respected in the country due to her hard work for the welfare of the local society, ruling not only the country but also peoples’ hearts. The festival for the celebration of her birthday includes days full of cultural events, with stalls full of food everywhere in the city. You should not miss the chance to mingle with the locals on this day.

One of the most successful upcoming events in Pattaya is the Chonburi Buffalo Race; it takes place a few kilometers outside the city in late October. Local farmers show how they can ride buffalos, making the whole task look really funny and enjoyable. Local vendors also participate in the event offering amazing stalls catering local flavors.

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