Worldwide Balloon Festivals

Hot air balloon festivals are very popular events all over the world, attracting hundreds of pilots and thousands of visitors. Many hold other events as well as the balloon flights; some hold music concerts while others provide food and craft stalls, and lots of fun things to do for all the family.

The Albuquerque International Balloon festival

This festival held in the USA is the most famous balloon festival, which attracts roughly 750 pilots, and hundreds of thousands of visitors. It is also the largest balloon festival in the World, and features a number of cultural exhibitions after becoming a major showcase for New Mexican culture. The festival also has a huge number of special shaped balloons, making it a very fun and exciting event.

The Canberra Balloon Festival

This is the biggest in Australia, with the most unique balloons from all of the balloon festivals worldwide. It runs annually for nine days every April, and the balloons launch daily during the festival from the yard of The Old Parliament House. If worried about the hot Aussie weather when visiting this festival, don’t be, it is held during fall when average temperatures are a cool 20 Degrees Celsius.

The Bristol International Balloon Festival

One of the largest in the World and certainly the largest in the UK, the festival runs for three days over a weekend, and attracts over 100,000 people every day. Over 100 balloons launch at a time, and the night glow is the most popular attraction, where the balloons are launch in the dark, and choreographed to glow and light up in time to music. The festival also has craft and food stalls, and live music.

The Saxonia International Balloon Festival

Held in Leipzig, Germany, every year during July, and is considered one of the largest in Europe. This festival also holds competitions for balloonists, with fox hunting and seeing who can fly as far as possible. Now if those hilariously interesting competitions don’t encourage you to go, I don’t know what will!

The Philippine International Balloon Festival

Held every year in Pampanga, it is the biggest aviation sports event in the Philippines, and boasts over 100 balloonists taking part. As well as hot air balloons the festival also holds a lot of air sports shows for the visitors, including skydiving events, acrobatics, small plane fly-by’s, choreographed kite flying and airplane balloon busting. Around 60,000 visitors visit the three day event.

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