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By Alfred Brown

Imagine yourself on a stage in a large auditorium. You are standing there with your guitar in your hands. Ready.

Before you a large crowd buzzes with sheer anticipation. They’ve been hanging on your every move. Every riff. Every lick. For a moment, you feel their excitement. And yet, you feel relaxed. Calm even.

You begin to play.

The strings pulse and hum under your unfaltering fingers – which move with total precision. Total control. To the audience it all looks amazingly difficult. But you hardly need to think about the notes. They just come. Every perfect note rings out. And the crowd is completely enthralled.

You finish your set in a crescendo of guitar and drums, and leave the crowd absolutely buzzing. Backstage you put your trusty guitar away and congratulate the band. Meanwhile, fans – eager to meet you – wait outside. Your work is done. You rocked it!

Does this sound possible? Or does this all sounds like a fanciful dream – great for someone else, but not for you?

Maybe someone once told you that you’d never be able to play guitar like a professional? More likely, you told yourself that. And then, like 99% of people who learn guitar, you settled for being an ‘average guitarist’.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is not a dream for just a select few. Achieving it has nothing to do with ‘natural’ ability. It can be taught. And in most cases it can be attained quickly and easily.

Now just imagine what it would be like if you could take any tricky chord and ‘program’ your hands how to play it in just a few minutes.

Pretty cool, right?

Now take it one step further. Imagine you could take whole sets of tricky chords and ingrain them deep in your subconscious mind. So they would be ready to play perfectly. Anytime you wished to call them up.

All of this using a quick and simple technique.

Or take it further still. Imagine you could use this one simple trick to learn not only chords, but whole sets of scales, strums, riffs, licks, songs – you name it! All instilled in your pre-motor cortex. Ready to activate your hands and fingers to play them flawlessly as and when you wished.

The Jamorama Method will show you how to do just that.

Here’s just a few things that are covered in the Jamorama Method:

*Train your fingers to make flawlessly smooth chord changes… even if you’re a total klutz when it cpmes to chords.

*Deeply ingrain any chord shape in your subconscious in minutes… even if you’re the most forgetful person you know.

*Play in front of people with total confidence, knowing you won’t mess it up… even if you’ve never played for other people before and the thought terrifies you.

*Discover how to strum with absolute perfect timing and ‘feeling’… even if you’ve tried. And tried. And tried… But just can’t ‘get it’.utz when it comes to chords.

*Learn to play complex scales as if doing so were as simple as speaking… even if finding your voice is difficult on the best of days.

*Understand the fretboard completely and how all the notes relate to one another… even if you never passed a single class in school.

*Learn to express yourself through your guitar with advanced embellishment techniques… even if you’ve never done an artistic thing in your life.

*Train yourself to play whole songs… even if you’ve never been the musical one in your family or circle of friends.

*Learn the most efficient ways to move chords around the fretboard… even if you’re the type of person who takes 15 minutes to tie their shoelaces.

*Train your hand to pick the strings with total control, speed and accuracy… even if you’ve never been able to go very fast without getting the ‘speed wobbles’.

*Learn to play with all the finesse of a seasoned professional… even if you’re completely tactless in all other areas of life.

Once you are willing to throw away all of the old, inefficient methods of learning the guitar, you will be shown how to use the power of your subconscious mind to quickly and easily learn to play the guitar. And play it like a professional. Jamorama uses advanced fine motor programming to enable you to tap into the power of muscle memory activation and achieve things on the guitar that you once thought impossible.

Now YOU can now enjoy the hidden secrets of guitar playing.

Alfred Brown is an online marketer who has been working online for years now. He presents Jamorama, a highly recognized professional system that consists of carefully crafted video guitar lessions that are crucial for learning how to play the Guitar; go to http://bit.ly/1fvezpS for details.

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